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PhilCare is a company known to be one of the Philippines’ pioneering Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). The company was founded in 1982 and is made on a vision to provide Filipinos an enjoyable and a better quality of life by means of providing access to the a state-of-the-art health services. For over thirty years, PhilCare continues to be the pioneer and is acknowledged as the number one HMO in the country. These days, PhilCare places its step in the industry as it offers dependable in-patient and out-patient services, as well as promoting total wellness and healthy living.

Products and Services
– Comprehensive Group Programs. The amount and conditions can be fully customized by the employers. They can also choose to add benefit riders to the plan.
– SME Product. Employers can opt to pay for group premium and PhiCare will confirm with all approved and coverable services. (SME Pro and SME Luxe)
– Medical Insurance. A compensation plan that pay for the actual, necessary and reasonable hospital expenses sustained for hospital confinement
– Managed Health Plan. A Self-insured healthcare contract where the client customizes the care budget within a particular budget for healthcare need for the company.

Why Work at PhilCare
As a known health maintenance organization, PhilCare has been known to value compassion. The company makes sure to commiserate not only with the needs of its clients, but also its community, as well as employees. Despite the company’s passion to achieve its goals, it always make sure to take into consideration the need of its employees, other individuals and even shareholders. Furthermore, the company also promotes integrity, as it is honest and sensible with its interaction towards its employees.

Career Opportunities
As the pioneering health maintenance organization in the country, PhilCare seeks for exceptionally talented individuals who can be part of its team as the company’s accredited agent. If you feel like you have what it takes to be a PhilCare accredited agent, all you have to do is attend the training seminar for agents that will be scheduled by the company’s training specialists.

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