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Philippines Laws on Call Center

General laws relating to labor is basically contained on the Philippine labor code. There are particular provisions that generally refer to labor which applies to the call center industry such as employment of night workers, mandatory deductions and health guidelines, rights of women, provisions on overtime work and holidays, night work schedules, penalties or erring employees among others.

Company policy of the call center must generally correspond or be consistent of the Labor Code of the Philippines. However with the continuous growth of the call center industry and the business process outsourcing sector in general, a new house bill is currently under discussion in congress that is aimed at providing better welfare and protection for outsourcing workers.

This is known as House Bill No. 6921 or the act ensuring the welfare and protection of business process outsourcing workers and the recognition of their rights as provided for in the labor code of the Philippines, although most the provisions contained in the said bill are merely reiterations of provisions contained in the Labor code.

Other related laws on the call center are provisions in the DTI, SEC and local processing zones, which provide the laws relating on how to put up a call center company including matters like required minimum paid in capital for putting up a corporation, taxes to be paid as well as tax exemptions and other business requirements.


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