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Philippines vs India Call Centers

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The two contenders for offshore outsourcing are India and Philippines. While both countries have their own current niches in the type of business processes that are outsourced, the Philippines remains as one a top destination for the contact center BPO? Why is this so?

While India had been a center for outsourcing for many years, the Philippines has tremendously gain in the race in the previous decade in outsourcing industry especially with decreasing cost of IT infrastructure. Outsourcing in the Philippines has taken a big leap in the advent of information technology primarily because of the international standardization of communication platforms, availability of IT infrastructure and high speed and low cost telecommunications. When it comes to the backbone that support communications for outsourcing, the Philippines is at par with the rest of the world. With all things the same, what makes the Philippines better for contact center outsourcing?

Pool of English Speaking manpower. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking nation in the world next to the US and England. When it comes to English proficiency, the country has a large pool of locals who can communicate well in English.

Accent. One of the biggest natural talents and propensities of Filipinos is their ability to imitate. As one of the most travelled citizens in the world, the Filipinos are well familiar with the different English accents of different nations even in non-English speaking countries. Filipinos can be easily trained with the required accent of their particular clients in order to effectively facilitate communication with them.

Culture. As a country which had been a colony for over 300 years by western nations like Spain and later the United States, the culture of the Philippines is more akin to the western culture. The influence of the western culture is strong because the Philippines had not yet developed as a nation when it was colonized. The western orientation of the Philippine culture help Filipinos easily imbibes the cultural communications requirements of their western clients. Filipinos also tend to easily adapt the western culture due to certain similarities.

Hospitality. If there is one trait that can describe Filipinos especially when it comes to accommodating visitors, it is their innate hospitality. This is exactly why they easily got colonized on the first place. Hospitality is important in the call center industry because it is basically customer service oriented. Such trait is critical in any type of customer service.

Cost. Both Philippines and India had become centers for outsourcing because of their cheaper labor costs. However, the Philippines not only offers cheaper cost but efficient cost. Filipinos provide not just cheap labor but cheap efficient labor which further optimizes cost.

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