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PIASI Philippines

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Philippine Interactive Audiotext Services, Inc. or PIASI is a business process solutions company whose trademark expertise is finding ways to transform a company’s business without changing or compromising the identity of the organization. PIASI Philippines is especially known as the pioneer visa outsource service provider in the Philippines helping foreign corporations set up visa applications and travel documents for their key personnel.

The principal business of Philippine Interactive Audiotext Services is addressing the problem of companies particularly the vital non-central operations and processes to allow the company to focus its full attention and resources to their core operations and key business functions. These non-core processes pertain to the back office support functions, customer service and technical support services of the company. This would empower the company to quickly cope with and abreast itself with the express changes in the market and modern business while simultaneously lowering costs and improving general efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Aside from Visa Information & Application, PIASI Philippines also offers the following outsource services: Customer Contact Services, document management, biometrics integration, logistics and courier services, fees management, email management and SMS service, staffing service, hospital management system and litigation support.

The mission of the Philippine Interactive Audiotext Services, Inc. is to achieve the success of its partner. The company measures its success through the success of its partners. PIASI Philippines creates tailor fit creative solutions that are designed to bring out the best in the business, and suture them jointly into a comprehensive one of kind program that exclusively suiting its partners to a ‘T’. This is important in order to maintain the differences of each and every company upon which competitive advantage rest. Apparently, if all solutions are the same, then competitive edge is lost.
Moreover, the solutions of the Philippine Interactive Audiotext Services do not end in solving the problem. Instead, these solutions are designed to become new opportunities for growth and progress of the company. PIASI believes in continuous innovation in order to preserve competitive edge against rivals.

PIASI Philippines call center office address:

  • Piasi Taguig
    2/F PCPD Building
    Chino Roces Extension (formerly Pasong Tamo Extension)
    Taguig City, Philippines

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