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Pivotale Philippines

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Performance Simplified. Pivotale is a business process outsourcing company that provides wide of range of end-to-end business outsourcing and marketing solutions. Pivotale Philippines was established in 2005 as the Asia Pacific subsidiary of Armstrong-Harding Global Consultancy, a renowned market consultancy firm in, San Francisco USA.

As the Asia-Pacific branch for Armstrong-Harding’s global marketing operations, Pivotale Philippines strategically positioned to carry out a broad assortment of services including strategic marketing research and planning, market implementation, production and management. Among the services offered by Pivotale included Lead Generation, Strategic Planning, Market Study & Research, Creative Services, Design & Production, Telemarketing and facilities & Infrastructure Leasing.

Pivotale understands that the customer is central in every business and service delivery is as important as customer acquisition. The key differentiators of Pivotale included a professional team of customer and sales personnel with improved and cultured skills complemented by business practices and IT facilities that beyond world standards. The company assists professionals and companies establish their reputation which translates to better productivity and profitability, which is incidental to its quality customer, marketing and promotions services that will build enduring and value added relationships with customers.

Pivotale Philippines or also known as Armstrong-Harding’s Asia-Pacific branch is located in:

  • Pivotale Greenhills
    20th Floor, Unit 2002, Atlanta Centre
    #31 Annapolis St., Greenhills
    San Juan, Philippines
    Tel: (632) 744.PIVO (7486)
    FAX: (632).726.4171

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