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Player Auctions Manila

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Player Auctions Manila is a company that is recognized as the leading player-to-player trading floor for the protected and safe exchange of gaming assets. Starting 1999, the company has delivered the most vigorous platform for the gaming community to exchange gaming products. These days, Player Auctions provides services to over 400,000 registered gamers across more than 184 countries, including 300 Massively Multiplayer Online Games.

The company offers a platform which covers a virtual asset trading floor for swapping in-game Currency, Accounts, Items and Guides, on top of an exchange for swapping Gaming Gear, Cosplay, Game Art, Paper Trading Cards and CD Keys. Player Auctions also has a global team that is consisted of talented individuals who have gathered to create a wide-ranging and protected gaming market. The company has offices in the United States, South Korea, China and the Philippines.
The B&M Holdings network links countless of gamers by means of online trading floors and gaming companies, namely ItemBay, ItemMania and PlayerAuctions.

The company’s network is focused on virtual goods, online games, gaming peripherals and other affiliated products. Through each of its online trading floors, having been in continuous function for more than 10 years, it has already created platforms, customer service and security programs that are market leaders in the gaming industry.

Products and Services
Apart from the company’s trading floors, Player Auctions also issues and distributes games by means of its online gaming sites like GameMania and OnGate. The company’s gaming sites are dedicated on hard and mid-core uses and MMO games. The company has also distributed 8 full client games and dozens of games that are browser-based.

For buyers and sellers, the company can provide:
– Third party exchange service
– In-game trading support
– Buyer and seller protections

Player Auctions can protect the user’s exchange by means of the company’s sophisticated payment security tool – PlayerGuardian. It is dedicated and focused to make the trading and exchange protected and safe. Payment is released only after the delivery is complete by both buyer and seller. The company also offers protection for all players and users, payments, exchanges and trades. It works in collaboration with buyers and sellers to make the exchange of assets fast, easy and safe.

PlayerGuardian guarantees the users the following:
– Ensured Payment Security
– Information Privacy
– Bank Data Information Security
– Transparent Ratings for Seller Services
– As Described Delivery or Money Back

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