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PMAX Global

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PMAX Global is a pioneering BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company that traces its roots from as late as 45 years ago. Since its inception in the early 70s, PMAXGlobal Philippines has seen a lot turnover in the business with trends coming and going as well as other BPO companies sprouting. But despite the ever-changing healthcare world, one thing remained the same: the services PMAX Global provides can to last through the test of time.

The main focus for PMAX Global is to expedite the back-office processes for established and fledgling companies. Through the company’s services, its clients’ will experience a more organized solution for your business’ back-office processes which can optimize the workflow in your company. Success comes invariably with organizing your daily process. That being said, PMAX Global shoves its client towards the right path to success with its painstaking approach when it comes to taking care of your back-office needs.

Talking about services, solutions for Revenue Cycle Management are provided by PMAX Global to expedite and organize the process of patient profiling, appointment, payment, and other medical requirements.
An assortment of Clinical Services is also provided by PMAX Global Services to ensure the well-being of their clients. Additionally, Practice Management and Patient Satisfaction services are offered by PMAX Global to ensure that the provided healthcare is the properly performed in accordance with certain standards and preferences of clients.

Throughout the years, PMAX Global has reinvented itself according to the trends and needs of the industry. PMAX Global has made it a point to adapt to changes in the healthcare industry which can be attributed to the company’s staying power. With its impeccable ability to adapt and the company’s known quality of service, PMAX Global is ready to dominate the healthcare world.

PMAXGlobal believes a man’s health is his greatest fortune. The company thrives to provide the best possible healthcare support system for its clients to assure a clean bill of health for them. PMAX Global wants its success to be driven be healthy and satisfied clients that are backed up by the company’s healthcare system as a testament to its influence in the industry.

PMAXGlobal Philippines call center office address:

  • PMAX Global Cebu
    13/F Robinsons Galleria
    General Maxilom Ave.
    Cebu, Philippines

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