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PNP Finance Service FSDMS

Posted on July 20, 2021 | 4 Comments on PNP Finance Service FSDMS

The Finance Service Data Management System (FSDMS) of Finance Service of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is the automation of the financial information process of the PNP and establishment of information systems where all the financial information of PNP personnel are integrated into one (1) database. The FSDMS has five (5) sub-systems namely Pay Data Information System (PDIS), Salary Deduction and Loans Information System (SDLIS), Claims Information Systems (CIS), Cheque Issuance Information System (CIIS) and Collection and Remittance Information System (CRIS).

The Pay Data Information System (PDIS) of FSDMS, paved the way for a paperless records safekeeping of payslip. PNP personnel can access copies of their payslips online or make copies of them. The Salary Deduction and Loans Information System (SDLIS) provides real-time verification on the net-take-home-pay (NTHP) of PNP personnel for purposes of automatic salary deduction to effect loan amortization, insurance, premium, capital contributions and endorsement.

The Claims Information System (CIS) of PNP Finance Service is designed for easier recording of claims and retrieval of data needed for verification of personal, commercial and other individual claims. The Cheque Issuance Information System (CIIS) provides information on the issuances of checks as payment for the different pay and allowances, deductions and claims.

Finally the Collection & Remittance Information System (CRIS) is for easier recording of daily collections of fees and faster generation of monthly reports for consumption of Finance Service and other PNP offices/units.

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  1. 14/09/09

    how to inquire pnp payslip

  2. Arnulfo Jaud Reply

    i just want to ask regarding the pnp online payslip.i there is a problem on your database system..everytime i log in it appears transaction invalid…

  3. Maurino tuazon Reply

    why is it i cannot inquire my payslip at pnp website

  4. mark a. gadayan Reply

    Can i ask for a memorandum stating the current net-take-home pay for PNP personnel?

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