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Polishing Your English Communication SKills

You might have heard that the call center industry is blooming – the people who apply for a job are mostly getting hired. Apart from the promising salary and the better benefit packages they offer, call center companies are often open for diversity and guarantees rapid career growth. You want to be a part of it, but you’re not confident with your english? Grammar could go left and right as you speak, but that could easily be managed. Read along and find out how.

Be ready to unlearn. Believe it or not, most of what’s been taught to us when we were at school as regards to grammar and pronunciation are incorrect. This truth somehow hurts, especially if your english teachers way back in grade five and in first year high school were your favorites. You have to be ready to forget some of what they said, and start clean.

Watch a lot of english movies. Almost seventy five percent of an average call center agent’s knowledge in english were acquire through this. Watching english movies, regardless of the genre, is a totally fun way of learning how to speak english properly. Not only you would be able to perfect your grammar and pronunciation, but you might also acquire that American accent. Be careful though, because as much as Harry Potter movies are the best for movie marathons, you might want to opt for movies with neutral accents.

Read a lot. Reading a lot of english books can widen your vocabulary. Some novels could also give you ideas about foreign culture and the way their mind works, and having that knowledge is very useful.

Log on to foreign entertainment sites. It never hurts to know more about your favorite Hollywood actors. Watching videos of their live interviews can give you more ideas on how they speak naturally and out of script. Not only that, you can also use the bits of information you accumulated to build rapport to your customers over the phone once you’re hired.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Ask someone to speak english with you. You can assess each other regarding grammar and pronunciation, correct each other and give feedback and advice. Always remember that practice doesn’t make it perfect, but practice makes it permanent.

Not all things are born, some can be made. So start doing these simple steps and aim high for that dream job.

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