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Polishing Your English Language

You might be one of those people who aspire to work in a call center, but you are not so confident about your English communications skills. Well, there are a lot of things that you can do in order to polish your English, both grammar and pronunciation. Though you would still undergo voice and accent training upon being hired, having good English communication skill is of course, a plus during the hiring process.

So how are you going to prepare yourself before that interview? Here are a few tips.

Watch English movies. This is one of the most effective ways on how to get that English polished, if not perfected. You would be able to learn how to pronounce words properly, you learn the correct movement of your mouth as you pronounce a word, and proper choice of words. Even the call center speech trainers recommend this to aid in your communication skills. Just go with English movies in which actors have neutral accent.

Read books. This would certainly help in widening your vocabulary. Reading English books would offer you with wide range of words you can use while speaking to your customers. Furthermore, you would be able to sue this while building rapport to the customer, as you to him or her about the series of books you’ve just read about magic and wizardry.

Watch English channels. Doing this would give you almost the same results as that of watching English films. The only difference is that you would also be updated about the current international events. In addition to that, you would also be able to use the information you gathered in building rapport to your customers as you take calls.

Practice. Practice does not make perfect, but it certainly makes permanent. Ask a friend or someone who is willing to listen and gauge your English proficiency, so you would know if you are actually doing it correctly. It does not hurt to practice and aim for the best.

Though good English communication skills is one of the basic requirements in applying in a call center, that does not mean you have to be super excellent. The company would help you to be equipped with proper knowledge when it comes to speaking to your customers through various speech training before you take your first call. So fret not, collect those English movies and books, and start to practice your English.

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