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Things to Ponder on Before Handing Your Resignation

Employee retention in call center industries are said to be always low, due to the fact that agents do come and go. The hiring process is way too easy and fast especially for those who have insurmountable experience in the industry, and the salaries are all competitive. This is also, most probably, the reason why there are a lot of so-called call center hoppers, or those agents who transfer from one company to the next within a few months’ time.

You might be considering leaving the company where you currently work. There might be another opportunity out there, a “greener pasture” as they call it. Or maybe you feel so sick and tired taking calls and pacifying irate customers that you just want to quit. However, is it really the time for you to submit that resignation letter?

Maybe you just need a break. All kinds of job are exhausting, and nothing that will not drain your energy. Do you still remember the last time you had a getaway or a vacation? Maybe a long and relaxing me-time is all you need. Plan ahead and file for a vacation leave before burning out. You might just need to take a break and recharge your batteries.

You need a bit of a change. Well, life can be monotonous at times, especially if you are a call center agent. You do nothing but take calls, eat lunch, go to the washroom, take calls, go home, repeat next day. If you taking calls already feels like it is already beyond you, and you feel like you need a bit or maybe a radical change, then maybe it’s time to evaluate yourself and file an application for a higher job post. You may want to take your career to the next level.

Talk to your team leader. There are times when you feel so demotivated, like you no longer have the passion to do your job. It could be because of the two things mentioned above or something else. Whatever the reason is for losing your motivation, you can always talk to your team leader and ask for advice on how to deal with your situation. He or she might be able to provide you with some ideas on how to survive your career.

If nothing really worked, then, it’s most probably the time for you to reconsider your options. Maybe a nice turn in your career path might be worth a try.

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