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Find awesome in any city. Posse is a virtual community that allow people to find the best rewards and recommendations anywhere in the world from new city to the best coffee, or a new bar to a new hairdresser.

Posse is the world’s first social search engine, which people can get recommendations about things, places and events from a network of friends and super special local experts. To create a Posse account, one starts by choosing a theme, which can be street, or your favourite bar or place. One’s you create an account; you can now explore the street of your friends, their friends and some local experts. One can find the favorite places of celebrities, chefs, designers, musicians and politicians. The community of Posse users then exchange love by sending gifts with each others. If you want to find a place, thing or event, someone in Posse that lives nearby will send you a recommendation.

Posse essentially puts the word-of-mouth marketing in an online environment, through which businesses are advertised and recommended personally by the people who have been there. Members build their own themed streets and fill them with favorite real world stores. Each retailer on Posse gets their own dashboard showing which customers added them as a favorite place, comments about their store and find the customers who want to visit them. In this way, posse users can see what is in and out, good or bad, great or not exactly from the people who have been in the place or have tried a product.

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