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Power Words in Call Center

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Power words in a call center can pertain to two concepts. First, it may refer to the book by Rye Gutierrez entitled “The Top 25 Power Words Every Call Center Agent Should Know”, which suggests that improving one’s vocabulary will help reduce stress in the call center, claiming that “taking calls without knowing the right words may be hazardous to your health.”

In general however, it may also refer to certain forceful words that call center agents should know to gain control, command and draw energy in providing services in a call center. Among this power words that are commonly shared by most experts included positive words such as Definitely, Surely, Absolutely, Certainly and Fantastic. These words help intensify the communication conveyed by an agent. For example, answering “definitely” instead of mere yes or no intensifies the assurance of an agent to a customer. This in turn will help increase confidence of customer that he or she will receive good services. This helps in building rapport with customers and may help appease angry customers.

Some power words also pertain to phrases such as “Rest assured, “I do understand, I will be more than glad/ happy, I completely understand the reason why / your situation, and I will ensure that”… among others. These phrases equally help intensify communication of call center agents in a positive way. Some phrases are use to convey the idea of advising which in contrast to patronising helps customers to follow instructions. Examples of which are “I would suggest / I recommend…..” Power words can also be used to make things sound simple for customers who in turn convey a sense of simplicity and kindness. Example of which included “All you need to do is to just….” And “As soon as you receive…”, among others. Finally, other power words help for smooth selling such as “You will ONLY be charged just…..” and “this is a wonderful service”, among others.

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