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Prime Outsourcing

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Prime Outsourcing is a offshore staff leasing provider based in the Philippines servicing companies interested in establishing an offshore branch or department in the Philippines that provides a specific or designated operational function critical to the company. Prime Outsourcing Philippines chiefly aims to consistently deliver to its clients the most outstanding business solutions to assist them increase productivity and initiate their way to success by providing services that even exceed their expectations at prices that are inexpensive and contribute to improving income.

The company is composed of highly-skilled professionals equipped with the most advance technologies that ensure companies a team of efficient staff working for them thereby allowing them to focus on their core functions. Every business entails a unique approach to attain success thus Prime Outsourcing provides consultancy to clearly and accurate identify the specific outsourcing solutions required by its clients. Prime Outsourcing Philippines also offers a broad range of services including web design and web development, seat leasing, back office support, web marketing and contact center services.

Offshore staff leasing essentially allows clients to establish its very own dedicated team of professionals from the Philippines, who will work exclusively on tasks, operations, processes or projects that a client assigns to them. Under this service delivery structure, Prime Outsourcing closely coordinate business the staff recruitment as required by the client. For accomplishment of projects set on a specified time frame, the company offers Prime service packs.

Seat Leasing on the other hand is a turn-key office solution for companies seeking adaptable office space for them to use for their offshore department or branch which is a more viable and inexpensive alternative to renting or buying an office as well as expensive infrastructure including PCs, telephone communication equipment, Internet, software and other expenditures. This helps companies to decrease capital expenditures, while attaining expansion and upscale reputation for the company.

Finally, call center outsourcing pertains to broad range of contact center solutions including voice and non voice inbound and outbound services for direct marketing, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, Lead Nurturing, prospecting, Phone Invitation, Phone Survey, Tradeshow Leads Follow-up, Direct Mail Campaign, Sales Support, Live Chat, Live Assistants, Order Taking, Travel Reservation and bookings, among others.

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