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PrimeLink BPO

Posted on September 9, 2016 | No Comments on PrimeLink BPO

PrimeLink BPO Inc., is a company situated in the Philippines and is recognized in its provision of BPO (business process outsourcing) services. PrimeLink Philippines has already been in the industry for more than half a decade, and it mainly offers services that are inclined with back office support functions, particularly those concerning credit repair and call monitoring business activities.

The company can be considered a newbie in the industry, given its half a decade existence in the BPO field. However, this is something that should be looked forward to by passionate individuals who seek to work in the BPO industry. A newly established company can guarantee lots of exciting opportunities for its pioneering team members.

Currently, the PrimeLink BPO is in search for a skilled professional who can fill the job post for Data Processor.

As a company which has just started in the BPO industry, PrimeLink BPO has a lot to offer its employees. BPO industry has been recognized as one of the trending businesses these days, and more manpower are required. This simply means that the company has the potential to expand and need more team members, as its needs for manpower also increases. Thus, career growth is guaranteed especially those who are already in the company.

PrimeLink BPO Philippines also believes that its main asset is basically its people. It is by employees’ determination, passion, teamwork and hard work that the company will be able to achieve its goals and aspirations towards success. This is why PrimeLink BPO makes sure that its people are well taken care of. In addition to this, apart for the opportunities that PrimeLinnk BPO offers its employees for their professional enhancement, the company also encourages personal development, along with life balance when it comes to professional, personal and social life of its employees.

PrimeLink BPO Philippines call center office address:

  • Primelink Pasig
    21/F Jacinto Plaza
    #58 A. Rodriguez Ave.
    Santolan, Pasig City

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