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Process Improvement in Call Center

All companies must continually improve itself to maintain competitiveness. In the same manner, call center companies must continuously improve its business operations or processes to attain greater efficiency, provide better service or essentially remain competitive against its competitors. But how exactly will call center improve its processes. Hereunder are some ways.

Standardization. The most common approach to efficiency is to standardize a practice. Standardizing a practice can be done by creating a policy or rule that will systematically homogenize how a process will be conducted. Without a standard or a policy, the different approaches adopted by individuals could result to chaos and delays.

Adopt best practices. No company is all knowing. One approach to improving one’s practices is by identifying and adopting best practices in the industry. This can be done by benchmarking or studying the practices implemented by industry leaders and adopting or imitating them.

Automation. With the advent of information technology, the pervading approach to process improvement is through automation. Automation not only standardizes processes by synthesizing laborious and time consuming manual steps automatically, allows integration of two or more related system process and reduced errors or faults caused by human intervention and restrictions.

Participative Management. As the principal providers of services, the human resources have a direct knowledge of whys and wherefores of the operations of a company. They can directly identify loopholes and flaws of the company process or systems. Hence, one way to improve the company process is by soliciting suggestions from the ordinary employees of the company i.e. call center agents, on how to improve the services and profusely rewarding them for any suggestion adopted by the company which is essentially implemented through consultation and participative management. This will not only help improve business processes but also increases employee loyalty, bolster employee motivation and facilitate a culture of innovation among the people of the company.

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