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Professional Alliance Consulting

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It takes talent to know talent. Professional Alliance Consulting is a human resource outsourcing company that specializes in seeking talented, professional support staff with special skills and deploying them to the jobs that requires their skills and that will contribute directly for the growth of companies while providing employees with a growing professional career that is fulfilling professionally and financially rewarding.

Professional Alliance Consulting employs a rigid search process studied and developed in order to ensure the its partner clients gets the right talents and skills they need to operate efficiently. This starts with a Review of the Company or Client’s Profile which involves an evaluation and understanding of the client’s culture, the position requirement/s, its responsibilities and qualifications through a close coordination with Clients’ key executives. A comprehensive proposal is then prepared specifying the requirements, quantity and the job specifications to the point.

Professional Alliance Consulting conducts its search of available candidates starting with its own database or pool of potential applicants. It also maintains an existing network of candidates coming from different industries with variety of skills and specialization awaiting to be tapped. Professional Alliance Consulting last recourse is to advertise positions to lure new applicants for the required positions.

The next step would be the rigid screening process which includes extensive interviewing and testing to accurately determine the skills level, experience, management style and culture that would fit the client’s needs. Top candidates are shortlisted and presented to client for comprehensive assessment as well as required compensation package and salary expectation. Client are regularly updated by an assigned Consultant-in-charge to coordinates interview schedules between client and applicant. The consultant also assists for salary negotiation as well as the giving of formal job offer of employment.

Professional Alliance consulting preserves the highest standards of trustworthiness and honor by looking after the client and leaving no stones unturned. The company is set to develop enduring relationships with both clients and applicants and not merely sales talk.

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