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Professional Claims and Intervention Services

Professional Claims and Intervention Services, formerly known as Sussman consulting is a company that serves as an employer advocate that offers service for compensation claims management and claims interventions services for third party workers. It was established in the year 2000 by president and CEO Steve Sussman who revolutionized the Claims Intervention Model for the Third Party Claims Administration Industry. These days, PCI Philippines is accountable for delivering services that cover over 20 million employee hours per year.

The company focuses on decreasing the cost of workers’ compensation benefits through the overturning of unfair, abusive and costly claim benefit decisions. The company takes these unfair benefit decisions from the hands of the authorities to the courts. PCI completes this by bundling reasonable costs along with professional staff. The company’s staff is consisted of professionals like board certified medical doctors, registered nurses, pharmacists, psychiatrists and psychologists, private investigators, paralegal and other supporting staff that can help on the employer’s behalf.


PCI Safety Services
PCI Safety Services allows the employers decrease the cost of their Workers’ Compensation Insurance, through the company’s proficient understanding of L&I inspections. PCI Safety Services possess the power of 3 former Washington State Labor and Industry Inspectors. Combined, they have more than 25 years of experience being lead compliance offices providing assistance to businesses to conform to the Washington Administrative Codes.

PCI Safety Services is responsible for everything, including the following:
– On-Site Safety Assessments
– Discretionary Photographic Documentation
– List of Alleged Hazards and Potential Costs of Citations
– Regional Appeal Assistance
– BIIA Appeal Assistance

It doesn’t matter if a company or employer is self-insured or not, state funded or privately insured. PCI can help these companies across the United States and Canada.

PCI is one of a kind in the industry because it appeals all controversial decisions of benefits to the administrative law courts representing the employer. PCI has numerous members on its team to have these all materialized.
– Board Certified Medical Doctors
– Registered Nurses
– Psychiatrists and Psychologist
– Vocational Counselors
– Private Investigators
– Medical Bill Auditors
– Medical Bill Processors
– Paralegals
– Mathematicians

PCI offers a packaged legal, vocational and medical service that are essential to come up with the best interest for the employers on the benefit decisions of the Labor and Industries Workers’ Compensation. The company’s model bundles and packages include everything together under an affordable, reasonable and flat monthly fee.

Professional Claims Philippines call center office address:

  • PCI Cebu
    2/F J Block Bldg.
    Apitong St.
    Kamputhaw, Cebu City

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