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Promotion in Call Center

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Everybody obviously wants to be promoted, because promotion translates to higher pay, higher position, better benefits, greater stability and even greater financial independence. In the call center industry, promotion is basically performance oriented unlike in the government and in some institutions in which promotion is automatically given based on the years of service. Moreover, the jobs in call center companies are usually very limited. The bulk of their employees are the agents who provide their contact services. Hereunder are some tips to get a promotion in a call center.

Work harder. Most call center companies provide a career hierarchy in which agents increase their levels based on merit or performance and years of service. Working harder means attaining the individual quotas that one needs to reach and strictly complying with company policies. This can increase one’s promotion through merit.

Find a vacancy in your company. Aside from agents, call center companies also have other but limited employment opportunities to which one can qualify. A tech support rep for instance can apply as the server or network administrator in the company if there is opening. In which case, that would be a promotion. Attain and maintain quality metrics. Call center companies usually set quality standards that guide agents in handling customers such as average call time and no. of clients handled among others. By paying close attention to such standards, productivity and performance may be rewarded by promotions.

Volunteer for extra work. Show your manager or your boss that you are there in the company to work and not waste your time. Show your commitment to work by your willingness to do other jobs or chores that some agents are sometimes hesitant to do.

Suggest and get involved. As employees, the company values your opinion and active participation in improving systems or process in the company. During planning sessions or meetings, show your active participation by suggesting ways and means on how to improve operations in the company. Your successful suggestions would definitely tell your boss that you may be too smart for your job and should be assigned in higher positions.

Volunteer to head adhoc committees. One’s active participation also extends not only in company operations but also in other extra curricular activities, in which one can demonstrate one’s leadership and management skills, which the management can take notice.

Tell your boss. Promotions are usually recommended by one’s immediate supervisor or leader. If you want promotion, tell it directly to your boss and ask him or her how will you get promoted. His insights will give guidelines and clear targets to do to get promoted.

Be a specialist. Some officer positions in the company are usually given to employees who are expert on a certain field. If they can do it, you can do it. Be an expert on one subject. For instance, be an expert in the use of Linux OS or the use of a certain application program that is important in the company.

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