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Pros and Cons of Working in Call Centers

Working in call centers is not exactly heaven. If you are aiming for the impressive salary package and some other perks that only call center companies can give, you should also be ready for some not-so-favorable things that you have to endure while working in a call center. Let us take a look at the pros and cons in working in a call center company.

  • You have higher salary, but you have little time. Yes, compensation and benefits are great, way better than any other regular companies could offer. You’ve got that extra fat wallet and it would be too easy for you to save up on that new gadget. Although, the saving of money part might have been easy because you no longer have the time to go out and have fun. While you can see most call center people partying their hearts out, believe it or not, time comes when party to them means long hours in bed sleeping.
  • Rapid career growth, slow in making new friends. Whenever you are on step higher in your career, there’s always a tendency that you might lose the friends you left behind. Likewise, there is no guarantee that the new people you’re meeting will become your chums. So between friends and career, maybe you just have to be excellent in juggling between the two.
  • There’s Christmas basket full of goodies, you don’t really get to spend Christmas at home. The irony of having good food for Christmas dinner, and yet you’re not home to enjoy it. Why? It’s because you are most likely on your shift taking calls during Christmas dinner. Most call centers, especially those accounts that cater to customers 24/7 require the agents to come to work on weekends and holidays. Unless of course, it’s your day-off, then you can spend the holidays at home.
  • It’s easy to make friends, but they come and go. Call center people usually have excellent interpersonal skills, so making friends is easy. Thing is, it is also easy to lose them, because of several factors – they want to another company, team reshuffling, promotions, and immediate resignations. Things change constantly in call centers, including people.

Do not be discouraged to work in call centers though. Despite these pros and cons, there are a lot more good things that working in a call center can bring you. Besides, you can always work around these cons, because that’s what you do as an agent – provide working solutions to your customers

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