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Psychometrician in Call Center

A psychometrician is a person who measures a person’s psychological attributes, including the intelligence quotient, competencies and other professional abilities that one needs for a specific job or profession. Thus, it is the psychometrician who conducts the tests and examinations, whether oral or written, to applicants to a company. He or she oversees the exam, interpret the results and sometimes provide the initial recommendation whether a certain applicant can proceed to the next level of assessment or have the potential of being hired by the company. It goes without saying that a psychometrician’s role especially plays part in the recruitment and selection process of the applicants.

However, some company’s however extends this role especially in conducting evaluating exams of current employees. The psychometrician measures competencies and skills of current employees to identify problems or weaknesses for purposes of developing training programs and sometimes for determining promotional potentials.

Psychometricians do not simply check scores of test. They conduct data analysis to correctly assess an applicant’s personality, predisposition and potential. Thus, a psychometrician entails special qualifications such as a degree in psychology (e.g. quantitative psychology) or a graduate degree in Educational Measurement.

At the core of the psychometrician’s job is the complement the most suitable psychometric tests to gauge the company job requirements so that it can correctly establish the right qualities and measures that the company needs for a particular job function. In the call center industry, among the special considerations used by psychometricians used in developing psychometric tests included the ability of an applicant to cope with the demanding nature of a call center agent (e.g. night schedule) and the limited career opportunities; the ability or resilience of an applicant to manage conflicts and client rejection, and the flexibility of an employee to adapt the unique sub culture of the company. On the other hand, the obvious considerations which are included in psychometric tests in a call center company included the English proficiency of an applicant as well as customer oriented personality.

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