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PureShare Philippines

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PureShare is a software development company based in Canada that specializes in developing proactive management software tools that eradicate the need for reports, manual spreadsheets and slide-ware. It was founded by Christopher Dean, a leading software developer and entrepreneur whose years of experience in serving companies from Fortune 100 list has given him a unique vision of helping business attain their goals. PureShare Philippines helps in providing executives, managers and staff with direct, readily accessible data sources and business metrics that can daily for helping them perform that daily decision making. It allows key stakeholders in the company understand the business and its current status without manually assembling and analyzing information.

PureShare empowers the transformation to a modern reporting paradigm that provides proactive metrics dashboards that care radically change business interactions by providing managers, executives and staff with direct access to the answers or data they need anytime and from anywhere. PureShare Philippines empower managers to quickly adjust and change course based on current operations, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and directors to focus on business strategy and all staff and customers to get the necessary information in intelligently transaction their business and attaining their varying objectives.

PureShare products provide organizations automated data collection from any sources to deliver a complete view of the business. It provides visualization of what’s going on about the business. PureShare Philippines allows key decision makers to target high-impact areas and meet organizational goals.

Among the Core Software of PureShare included the PureShare MetricsBridge, for automated executive briefings and Business Value Dashboards, PureShare ActiveMetric for metrics automation and application development platform. For Industry Solutions software, it has the PureShare CCM2 for Contact Center Executives, PureShare BVD for showcasing Business Value in real-time and PureShare MSP for Managed Service Providers and Shared Services. The company also offers Integrated Products such as PureShare for Axios, PureShare for LANDesk, PureShare for ServiceNow, PureShare for Avaya, PureShare for ManageEngine, and PureShare for BMC.

PureShare is headquartered in 80 Aberdeen Street, Suite 400 Ottawa, ON K1S 5R5 Canada, Phone: +1 613.236.1644 and Fax: +1 866.332.5811. Its service branch in the Philippines is located along Ortigas Extension Pasig City.

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