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Qavalo – Endeavor Medical Systems

Endeavor Medical Systems is now officially called Qavalo. The company is founded to address the needs of Home Health Agencies through providing assistance in achieving quality documentation. This is made possible because Qavalo Philippines believes that a perfect documentation will bring advantage to the home health agency, as well as to the clients that they serve. Qavalo also lives and works by its three main areas of importance: People, Process and Technology. Its main goal is to provide assistance to home health agencies in enhancing the quality of their patient care by means of accurate documentation.

Qavalo provides various QA services that includes the following:
– Skilled Nursing Visit Notes
– Physical Therapy Visit Notes
– Occupational Therapy Visit Notes
– Speech-language Pathology Visit Notes
– Home Health Aide Visit Notes
– Medical Social Visit Notes

The company also understands and acknowledge the other needs of its clients. Thus, it also offers other services that the clients could add in their subscription package.

Why Work at Qavalo

Qavalo is a company that recognizes the hard work and excellence of its employees. As it hires skilled individuals to work for them, the company acknowledges that the exceptional skills of its employees are the key factors for it to provide quality service and achieve success in its own field of business. Apart from providing impressive salary packages, its employees also enjoys work-life balance. Thus they have the time to spend for work, as well as quality time with their family and friends. Furthermore, Qavalo also provides opportunity for growth among its employees – it gives employees the chance to grow both on the professional and personal level.

Job Opportunities

The company is currently on the lookout for the qualified individual who can fill the post of Business Development Officer. Successful candidate is expected to assume the following responsibilities:
– Lead generation
– Plan and implement client acquisition campaigns
– Operate effective productivity reporting system
– Handle sales and negotiations

Qavalo Philippines call center office address:

  • Qavalo Cebu
    Skyrise 1
    Inez Villa St. Apas
    Cebu City, Philippines

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