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Qualfon Philippines

Posted on March 26, 2018 | 4 Comments on Qualfon Philippines

Qualfon, formerly known as Telemark, started by providing Interactive Voice Response or the IVR services to their customers. Among its biggest clients is none other than the Mexican Stock Exchange in collaboration with TV networks in Mexico. Later on, the project Short Message Service (SMS) was adapted and became part of their main services of the Qualfon Company.

AT&T wireless company in the US was in search of a Mexican –based call Center Company that would supply to the US market. This is the moment that the Telemark became officially known to the market. It was in the year of 1992 the Qualfon was first introduced. Qualfon Call Center delivered customer care and technical support services to their clients in the United States. At this point, the named Telemark was officially replaced by Qualfon, and the very first client it served is a US based wireless company. Qualfon Philippines call center provided bilingual call center services in Spanish, and English to the customers in the US.

Qualfon call center extended its operations by opening delivery centers in Argentina, Guyana and in the Philippines through which the Company reached its highest company revenue at $30 million. Soon the revenue quadrupled to $100 million and it is still growing. Qualfon Philippines continue to expand its quality services to both their existing and potential clients.

Qualfon Philippines call centers are located in:


I heard Qualfon is expanding. They are looking for more CSR/TSRs to fill in 1000+ seats.

Anyone as long as you’re 18 years old and up can apply to Qualfon. They are not so strict in English as in… Don’t worry! The exam is so so chicken… ^_^

No it’s not honey. It is one of the fast rising contact center here. Yes they are expanding and next thing you’ll know… it’s gonna be like a mushroom everywhere. It’s QUALFON not qualfone baby…

…so when will I know that they’re going to have an hiring?

oh really?an employee from qualfon told me that your company is very strict in english..anyway,i hope you’re right.

i’ve been working in qualfon for 7 months now….

they are still hiring everyday and i think they cater 40 applicants a day. they conduct initial interviews for walk in applicants 2 or 3 pm everyday.

qualfone is the best call center ive been in,the pay might be the reason why EMPLOYEES has doubt on,however dont You know all GUYS that qualfone has the best environment EVER,GOOD FAMILY,GOOD SUPERVISORS,MENTORS,SHIFT MANAGERS,QAA,there the best they dont

balhin nalang mo tanan sa ETELECARE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS laishu pa mga ateh… pa assign dayon mo sa vonage cs hap… c u…

i think u guys got it wrong..it’s already confirmed that qualfon will transfer to skyrise 3 and theyll be occupying 4 floors. that’s y they need to fill in 1000+ seats. unfortunately for those who resigned coz theyre having stress n ther new accounts. lol

new qualfon cebu site… skyrise 3, qualfon building, lahug, it park, cebu city.

QUALFON EMPLOYEEEESSS! keep up the good work. . =) never mind all of these scornful people. a critical attitude is marked by a tendency to find and call attention to errors and flaws! Lol. .


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  1. Mary Greth Reply

    i want to apply in your company :))

    • 13/09/10

      sure.. just visit us at qualfon dumaguete..

  2. sandra romano Reply

    hi! good morning i am a high school graduate but have a certificate course.. i just wanted to know if i am still qualified to apply on your company?
    this is my number #09266681037 just in case you will answer my question madam/sir..thank you good day

  3. 14/03/06

    are they still accepting High school graduates applicants?

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