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Quality Analyst in a Call Center

As its name implies, a call or the remote communication is the main service provided by a call center company. And in as much as the quality of company is measured on the quality of its service or product, the quality of a call center company rests on the quality of its call. As such, call center companies hire specialists to check and evaluate the quality of calls to and from the company.

The specialist whose primary job is dedicated to monitor and evaluate incoming and outgoing calls in a call center company is called the Call Center Quality Analyst. This specialist screens, monitors and evaluates calls to ensure quality of calls, that flawless customer service is rendered, and company policies and procedures are strictly followed. Quality analyst also provides proper feedback and evaluation which in incorporated in creating performance improvement training programs for the agents.

Among the factors that a Call center quality analyst looks for in one’s analysis included the soft skills of the agent. Soft skills pertain to the group of personality traits of a person that relates to one’s emotion and intelligence Quotient such courtesy, honesty, reliability, cooperation, flexibility, cooperation, energy, ethics and other socially related skills involved in interpersonal communications. Another aspect to be analyzed in the call is the agent’s sense of professionalism. This pertains to all factors that directly relate to the conduct of one’s profession including expertise, knowledge and experience among others. And finally, the quality analyst also looks into the communication skills and of the agent which included listening skills, articulateness, voice modulation, etiquette and even rhetoric among others.

There are many strategies employed by quality analysts in call monitoring. Because the devil lies in details, analysts should be in the look out for the small things and getting them right, which would sum up big in the long run. The idea in call monitoring is not to catch wrong doing but to correct mistakes. Feedback and support and training are therefore crucial in rectifying errors and improving agents. Another strategy employed by analysts is benchmarking, in which they use an ideal call, which will serve as their benchmark of standard for measuring success. Finally, analysts not only provide negative feedback to agents but positive feedbacks as well in the form of rewards and incentives in order to motivate employees.

The job of a call center quality analyst would require sufficient experience especially in the call center industry to be well familiar with the services. A bachelor’s degree would be required so that the analyst is equipped with the knowledge of the best practices in communication skills. Finally, this occupation normally reports to the manager, with which the analyst coordinates findings which may be used confidential in nature and can be used for training, rewarding or even terminating employees.

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