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Quantilicious Incorporated is the leading data analytics company in the Philippines. The company is responsible for reviewing and analyzing marketing strategies and business touch points for many local and international brands. The gathered data will then be incorporated to your existing business strategies to better improve your company’s sales and support. In Quantilicious Philippines, data will be turned to value. In Quantilicious, value will turn to revenue and business relevance.

Services offered by Quantilicious:

Outsource Service
Your company profile, standards, process and policies are reviewed by Quantilicious as they collaborate with you to provide the most suitable employee for the job.

Process for employment
The interested applicant will be pre evaluated for English literacy and proficiency in both written ability and technical literacy. Once they pass the standards set by Quantilicious they undergo series of interviews and technical testing related and similar to the process of your own company.

Once hired for outsourced services, the employee will be legally employed and managed by Quantilicious under the standard of your company. The importance of excellence will be reinforced as they continually strive to hit the KPI metrics you set for your employees.

Also known as ‘data guns for hire’ in the Philippines, Quantilicious gather data necessary for planning and goal settings. These gathered data is then analyzed by our highly qualified data analytics team to create innovative and creative ideas about your business.

Goal Setting and planning
The company’s team of experts will view the most relevant technical and marketing touch points that can be used by your company. In a specified term, plans and goals are established. With your approval these goals and plans are turned into project outline that can be used in the project implementation. All data will be saved on the Quantilicious drive to ensure secure storage. However, for sensitive information, it will be saved on a Flash drive or hard drive sent via a courier.

Quantilicious vows to secure and reliable data gathering, goal setting, project outlining and implementation.

Analytics Services
Quantilicious continuously collaborates with the client to audit and evaluate existing data collection, storage and organization strategy.
Digital Analytics
A team of Google stacks experts and operation digital analysts will provide detailed reports that will outline where you will have most difficulties and which digital channels will be more effective.

Within a modern business, there are a lot of data circulating in the system. Often wasted data and irrelevant. Quantilicious ensures that all data will be gathered and filtered to be gain a more relevant perspective on your business.

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