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Revolutionizing the way people learn and share knowledge by proving mobile learning across the world, Quipper is a leading e-learning company based in the UK founded on 2010 by Masa Watanabe, a co-founder of Japanese mobile social gaming giant DeNA. Quipper Philippines aims to become ‘distributors of wisdom’, changing the way people learn and share knowledge by leveraging web and mobile technology.

In the Philippines, Quipper provides free online e-learning services called ‘Quipper School’ which permits teachers to set class assignments directly to their students’ computers and mobile devices, as well as monitor and evaluate student performance with modern analytics. Students can access study materials online from any internet access device with a web browser, such as smartphones and tablets, and benefit from fun educational games as well as and social features while learning.

Quipper School provides over a broad range of quality topics in English, Math and Science for Grades 4-10. Its educational content has been created of experienced Filipino educators. This included class lectures and homework assignments. Moreover, students can receive feedback about their performance, identify strengths and weaknesses that allows them to improve on areas where needed.

Quipper School aims to make learning and teaching fun and accessible by removing traditional barriers. Its holistic service are channeled in to platforms namely for teachers and students.

For teachers, there is the Quipper School Link module or platform for class management which included categorizing students into groups, creating assignments and monitoring student’s performance. For students, there is the Quipper School Learn through which students access lectures, courses and complete assignments. They also earn coin in recognition of their progress. This platform is available in any Android and iOS application. Communication is facilitated through private messages and public announcements.

Quipper school is headquartered in 50 New Bond Street, Broadway, London, UK SW1H 0RG.

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