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Radius Telecoms

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Radius Telecoms, Inc. (RADIUS) is the one and only carrier of services that allow fiber optic platform in Metro Manila area. It allows the service providers and companies to deliver digital information and business application through a reliable and secured communication super highways.

This company has been solving one of the main problems in Philippines communication industry: fast internet connection. Radius Telecoms Philippines has created a fast and reliable internet service by using fiber optics. This transports easier and faster service compared to the typical internet connection.

It offers world-class data connectivity solutions over its dense fiber network. This has generated access for every business districts. Aside from this, it also gives connections to industrial and IT parks, data centers, and main thoroughfares. Basically, it is fully owned by MERALCO company.

Basically, they offer access to the World Wide Web. What makes them unique is the fast and reliable connection that they offer. Here are the other services they offer.

Carrier Ethernet Services – They offer an excellent solution and connection in order to support IP-based applications. Its speed can reach up to 1Gbps. Flexibility is assured to those who are also planning to utilize this. This can definitely accommodate changes.

High Capacity Service – Radius HCS is a high-bandwitch Data service that connects two sites with 1 layer technology only.

Dedicated Internet Access – This is offered because Radius commits itself to providing the best technologies in its highest and fastest form. Their connectivity has been undeniable recognized by the largest industry in the Philippines.

Why Should You Work Here?
This company is fully subsidized by MERALCO. Hence, it is under a good and competent administrators. They do know how to utilize their employees as well. What they provide is a complete and detailed professional development programs for their employees. Because this is a technology-based company, Radius will never be out of style. It is always sought after by the companies. New companies shall definitely seek their services because the team behind this is reliable and passion-driven. Aside from that, it also offers favorable compensation to its employees. Benefits and other complements are given to their team. You know that you are in good hands for there are people who are willing to lift you to your career. Most likely, being with professional, competent, and passion-driven people shall teach you the things that you need to learn.

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