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Ramping Account

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Ramping account refers to an account in which there is an anticipated significant increase of calls or demand which is usually caused by market expansion. Thus, ramping accounts are often associated with the need for immediate hiring of new agents to fill in new vacancies and to address the anticipated need.

In which case, companies having a ramping account give the impression that the company will be fast tracking the application process in order to immediately hire and fill in vacancies because of the urgent need. In most instances, online and walk-in applicants are welcomed to apply. Applicants need to not wait for company invitation to apply.

However, rampant accounts also needed the same qualifications in order to ensure quality service such as proficiency in English language, willingness to shifting schedules, and the need to undergo training.

Incidentally, because of the urgency of filling in agents for the ramping account, companies usually implement a training program that combines OJT, online courses and intensive classroom training sessions. This approach can ramp up newly hired agents to suit up to the needs and demands of the company in a shorter period of time.

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