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Rapport Statements for Customer Service

Establishing rapport with customers is an integral part of customer service in order to establish relationship, facilitate understanding, create bond or affinity and relay empathy. Because call center companies are providing their services over the phone or other communication media such as email or SMS, the customer service is impersonal in nature. As such, agents rely mainly on the quality or tone of their voice and choice of words in order to establish rapport with clients. Following are some tips to establish rapport.

Nice tone of voice – The tone of voice should be approachable, friendly yet confident. This can be achieved by smiling while talking to the customer. The smiling face of the agent helps in creating a friendly tone and disposition of voice which can be perceived by the customer at the other end of the line.

Personalize – personalize conversation with client by addressing them in their name instead of using the generic sir or madam.

Focus – Quit from doing anything like looking at the monitor, playing with your hands or any other things that disrupts you from listening carefully.

Learn communication modalities – avoid common key phrases to convey rapport such as “I’m very glad/ I’m sorry”. Clients who hear the “I’m happy” or “I’m sorry” to heart that are hearing the same old phases over and over again. Personalize your words in order to sound more sincere by try to add stresses like I’m really sorry or I am indeed happy in order to sound different. This can also be achieved by adding adverbs like, “hopefully, I can help you” or “You are definitely” right.

By adding certain positive and stressing adverbs, it helps personalize the phrases commonly used in customer services. Other ways to include is by conveying a sense of urgency in providing answers to customer or in addressing their concerns. For instance, I will that do “right away”, Mrs. White” etc.

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