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Reasons why Call Center Agents Resign from their Jobs

Working at a call center gives you the opportunity to start working at a very huge starting salary compared to other jobs. Although this is good at a financial stand point, working at a call center meant being exposed at a very stressful work environment and being confronted with several problems unique only to the industry. Amidst these challenges, several employees have chosen to stay due to certain circumstances while others chose to quit their job. Here are four main reasons why they chose to take the road less taken.

Salary Issues (low pay/ salary disputes). One of the main reasons why call center agents chose to quit their jobs is due to having low pay. It’s true, working at a call center entails you to start working at a hefty starting salary. But in the long run, due to the instability of the industry itself, salaries tend to stagnate or stop improving. This gives the impression that salary is too low or is not enough due to the employee’s increasing priorities as time passes.

Not enough career advancement opportunities. The sole point of getting a job is to not only gain monetary compensation but also to improve one‘s self in his/her craft. In the professional world, it is imperative for companies to nurture their employees by giving them access to trainings, seminar and projects which can help improve their skills. Sadly, some companies do not offer this kind of opportunity and would rather milk their employees dry of what ability they can give than to train and nurture them. This selfishness will often lead to mass resignation of employees who don’t want to forever stay behind the shadow of somebody.

Office Politics. In some BPO companies, favoritism is the name of the game. There is an unfair and unprofessional workplace found in these companies. Management usually favors those who are personally closer to them by giving them incentives and approving immediately their leaves. These types of workplaces are toxic and is deemed to be just a waste of time and energy. A good decision is to leave the company at once.

Heath Risks. Among the reasons stated above, this probably might be the most important of them all. In choosing a job, one must take into heave consideration the different health consequences imposed by the job itself. A call center job pretty much ensures you a death wish if you don’t take necessary precautions to mitigate negative effects caused. On the other hand, people who really don’t want to get through all of this every single day (or night perhaps) quit and leave the company. This decision does not show the slightest hint of cowardice but rather, a regard for health and well-being.

These reasons can be a fair warning to all aspiring call center agents that being in the BPO industry is not easy. Along with that huge initial pay are underlying hardships and sacrifices that an employee must overcome. Resignation is not really something that you should frown upon. Rather, these actions should be praised as it was done out of courage in breaking the unending cycle of stagnation.

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