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Recruitment Process in Call Center

The Recruitment process in the call center industry can be reduced into three stages namely: selection, screening and induction. Each stage can be further breakdown to more steps, tasks or strategies used in the achieving the said stage.

The first stage in the recruitment process is the selection of the applicants. This pertains to the different channels through which potential employees can apply. For instance, applicants can come from referrals by existing employees. There are also walk-in applicants who just visit the office to apply after seeing the vacancies of job announcements in Internet (e.g. company website or online job ad), radio, newspaper, billboards and other advertising channels.

Some companies join job fairs where potential employers and employee converge in a designated venue or scheduled date. Others hold campus interviews in coordination with school’s student affairs office to find potential applicants from alumni and new graduates. Still other companies establish tie-ups with their strategic accounts to get potential applicants.

The second stage of the recruitment process is the screening, which basically refers to the stage when applicants undergo different exam, tests and assessment procedures to weed out unqualified applicants and select those which meet the requirements and standards of the company. This process included verification of references, the conduct of different tests including verbal communication skills (i.e. accent, diction, clarity of speech), listening skills test, personality tests, IQ tests, numerical tests, typing ( to check accuracy for data entry), technical knowledge tests, practical hands on test and other innovative assessment procedures.

The interview is also an integral part of the screening stage. The interview effectively tests one’s communication skills as well as one’s ability to apply one’s experience to the nature of the work. Among the most common interview questions in call center included inquiries about how one dealt with a difficult customer, how one can persuade someone to do something, or how one deal with difficult situations or challenges.

The last stage in the recruitment process is the induction. This is often conducted after an applicant qualifies and passes the screening and was hired by the company as a trainee or under probation. Induction basically pertains the orientation of the new employee to the new job. This included providing a general overview of the BPO or contact center industry and orienting the employee about the company including its policies, Code of Conduct, compensation and benefits, and other things. The induction stage may also include a process training in which employees attend seminar trainings and workshops to prepare them before they are placed in the actual work.

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