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Redfords BPO

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Work Smarter. Redfords Pty Ltd is an Australian owned quality Business Process Outsourcing company committed to helping your business thrive and grow by providing quality outsourcing services premised under the core values of integrity, accountability, professionalism, and social responsibility. Specializing in quality and exceptional service, Redfords BPO Philippines aims to help meet business objectives and create competitive advantage. Redfords services fall into three categories namely: Dedicated Staffing Solutions, Project-Driven Solutions and Time-Based Solutions.

Dedicated Staffing Solutions is designed for companies requiring full-time staff to take on longer-term positions. This service provides stability and assurance. It enhances and extends client capabilities, ensuring sustainability and continued growth. Project-Driven Solutions of Redfords BPO are staffing solutions for for meeting shorter-term goals or projects. It allows clients to focus on core business operation, improve speed to market and maximize resources. Finally, Time-Based Solutions eliminates slack times and the need to monitor hours is actually being worked. It provides flexibility to manage members of your team around according to workload and demand thereby achieving greater productivity and improved efficiency. At Redfords Philippines, we will find the best people for the job because it’s the quality that counts.

Redfords BPO Corp.is headquartered in Level 12, 101 Bathurst Street, Sydney NSW 2000, AUSTRALIA.

Redfords BPO call center office location:

  • Redfords Ortigas
    5/F OMM-CITRA Bldg.
    # 39 San Miguel Ave.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City
    Tel: +61 3 8315 0429

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