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Rediston Holdings

Posted on June 9, 2016 | No Comments on Rediston Holdings

Rediston Holdings is a privately owned, multi-dollar company which focuses on advice in investment. It partners with institutions and businesses, always with the straightforward focus on long-term productivity. The company’s main headquarters is based in London, U.K. and has grown throughout the United States, Dubai, France, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Rediston has an exceptional heritage within the industry of information technology and property development.

Projects in property investments have extended from emphatic restoration of historical estates to the commercial challenges of aggressive restoration to the splendid enhancement of huge commercial buildings. The company has also portrayed roles in leasing management investment in the extension sites of global internet comparison together with companies of software design and distribution. Consequently, the company has also expanded into the industry of Hollywood film, cooperatively pioneering a revolutionary project for wider investment opportunities.

The extent of Rediston also includes five start dining and performance vehicles.

The management teams at Rediston focus in the finding of corporate weaknesses and appropriately readjust resources to make the most out of the value of each investment. This is the essential and the key principle, a strategy that lends itself to the best possible utilization of transferable skills and most importantly, successful results and sound productivity.

Given the type of its principal base, Rediston Holdings is particularly well positioned to partner with business owners and management teams alike to allow the long term visions come to life.

The teams that consist Rediston Holdings are dedicated and are driven by only one over-riding philosophy, which is to create and acquire wealth for their clients. These people are known to bring sincerity, trust, reliability and enhancements to each client’s door. They balance efficiency and flexibility, because they acknowledge that it’s the people who make the difference.

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