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Reduce Call Center Cost in the Philippines

One of the primary factors to the sudden upsurge of business process outsourcing as a business strategy in the world is its ability to reduce expenses, which is one of the two ways to improve company profitability. Operating call centers and delivery centers in countries such as the Philippines allow companies to save over 75% of their operating expenses. However, companies who still wish to further drive down their costs to be more competitive can do so. Here are a few tips on how to further reduce call center cost especially in the Philippines.

Operate efficiently – the most obvious way to further reduce call center cost is to operate efficiently. In this way, a company can optimize the number of agents needed to effectively deliver their services, without need for hiring more employees.

Use off shoring services – instead of putting up one’s call center company from scratch, companies can seek the help of offshoring companies in the Philippines who can help global companies interested in putting up a call center office in the Philippines to do the task in a short period of time.

Put up a virtual call center – companies can opt for a virtual call center which requires no investment capital outlay on IT hardware or infrastructure, office space lease and the maintenance or admin cost associated with such assets.

Put up call center in the provinces – costs and expenses related to putting up and operating a call center will be cheaper if the company is located in Philippine provinces where employee salaries, space or office rents and lifestyle are even more inexpensive.

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