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Regus Service Centre Philippines

One of the most important aspects in business is having a strategic location or a place of office. It is the environment of your business, its visibility, accessibility and provides a good working environment for your employees and customers would add to the success of your business. And in today’s technology driven industry space office is important, as well as, having a virtual office and a business service. This is what Regus Service Centre Philippines offers to all of their clients.

Regus Service Centre Philippines is a global organization with business centers office spaces, businesses services, meeting rooms and virtual offices with more than a thousand locations scattered all over the world. Their organization was first established on in 1989 at Brussels with its main headquarters in Luxembourg. Since then their growth is unprecedented serving 550 key cities in 95 countries.

Since multi-corporation companies operate around the world the need to have a flexible place to work with is a must. Regus Service Center understands their needs and offers their products and services that allow their clients to work their own way. Regus Service Centre Philippines products and services are the following: Office spaces on the terms and needs of their client, a virtual office to make your small business big without so much of the cost, meeting rooms booked by the hour, video communication, business recovery packages and the business world to become mobile.

In fact, many companies have acquired the business case study offered by Regus Service Centre Philippines to make sure of business flexibility. Companies such as Dell, Toshiba, Cornell University, Heinz and even Google (Portugal) trusted the company’s excellent service and detailed legwork in going mobile and providing the perfect working environment. Nevertheless, the company also serves platforms for home-based business, small and medium scale businesses and to someone who will just starting to do their business.

Regus Service Center Philippines is located at three key cities Cebu City, Makati City and Manila.

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