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Relation House Philippines

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Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Relation House Digital Bureau is a Danish owned company with its team based in Manila. The company was established on 2007 and since then it has catered for the different online-related problems that Danish companies encounter. Relation House has an employee size of 11-50 employees depending on the branch.

Relation House Digital Bureau is a BPO company specializing in implementing and optimizing solutions. Some of its expertise include design and development of smartphone apps, web optimization, search engine optimization, e-commerce and many more services. One of the main focus of Relation House Philippines is the development of mobile applications due to the fact that more users now are shifting to the mobile platform and thus they believe that app and mobile websites will be essential components of digital communication.

The company also provides services that help companies in marketing their products and helping their businesses. This is manifested through their expertise in web optimization, search engine optimization (SEO) and exploitation of social media. Web optimization is done by the correct set up of analysis tools such as Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst. This can provide web statistics and user monitoring which provide knowledge about how a site can be optimized to enact maximum flow of web traffic. Furthermore, Relation House Philippines also implements SEO solutions based on three phases (keyword analysis and strategy, technical analysis and monitoring) to increase the number of visitors to a website significantly. Also recently, due to the immense popularity of social media nowadays, the company also provides supervision and consultation in exploiting these platforms to communicate with current customers and to reach out to potential clients.

The company has catered to different clients which have succeeded in their respective niches due to the excellent service that they provide. An example of this is FLEXA’s e-commerce site, FLEXAWORLD.com. This website is a shopping solution in 17 different languages and the core of FLEXA’s web strategy. The services that the company offered launched the position of FLEXA as a serious and upscale furniture manufacturer. Up until now, the website has seen a steady increase in growth due to the number of local editors in cooperation with FLEXA’s headquarters.

Relation House Philippines call center office location:

  • Relation House Makati
    7/F Athenaeum Bldg.
    160 LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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