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Resignation Due to Night Shift

Working in a call center company comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges. Of course, the same thing applies for people who just got a new job. But then, since call center companies have clients which live as far as United Kingdom or United States, the local call center companies and their employees have to adjust with this time frame. There is a need for them to work night shift because it is the time when their clients are having their day job. Basically, they need to stay awake overnight so that they could cater their clients abroad.

But then, being scheduled in a grave yard shift could be a big challenge. It turns out that some people are still deprived of sustainable sleep. They tend to get sick because of the sudden change of their body clock. They also have to deal with various and possible accidents that is prone in working night shift. Thus, some people tend to pass resignation letter due to night shift.

It should be noted that this kind of resignation letter could help a person to have better health, this letter should be written objectively in order for the company to consider and accept it later on.  Thus the next question is, “What should be included in resignation letter due to night shift?”

In your resignation letter, it should be stated that your health is at risk because of this kidn of schedule. You tend to get weaker, you have to deal with tremendous amounts of medicines. You also are prone to accidents at night. There should be fact when was the last time that you got sick so that these people would accept your resignation letter.

Do not forget to attach a medical certificate that explains your resignation letter due to night shift. You have to show a proof to the management that you have sought medical assistance to validate your letter. Of course, this is a concrete evidence that you do not want to risk your health because of your schedule.

In your letter, it should be emphasized that as much as you want to work for them, it would be risky for you at the same time because you have to deal with medication later on. Just keep on saying this in your letter then they will surely approve your resignation.

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