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Ring Central Philippines

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In the Avant-Garde of information technology development, Ring Central takes outsourcing to a higher level by providing cloud computing-based business communications systems especially designed for the highly mobile and dispersed society. Through this technological platform, RingCentral further reduces cost by removing the costly expensive and technically complicated on-premise phone systems. Instead, Ring Central Philippines combines a hosted and expanded communication system that provided sophisticated voice and fax functionality, which allows for greater flexibility, adaptability and fidelity.

Among the additional functionalities of this cloud-based communications system included auto-receptionist, expandable structure, compounding voicemail, automatic call routing, extension dialing and transferring and compatible integration with different models and brands of Smartphones. This service further improves connectivity and communications among employees and customers and improves productivity. With this new technology, Ring Central Philippines helps level the playing field for SME’s by empowering them with communications capabilities that used to be affordable only to large corporations.

For its important contribution to business especially for small scale business enterprises, RingCentral have been awarded numerous awards such as the Small Business Computing Excellence in Technology Award, and the 2010 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award.

Ring Central Philippines call center is located in:

RingCentral main office is located in:

1 Lagoon Drive, Suite 350
Redwood City, CA 94065

For career opportunities, please visit RingCentral Philippines Job Openings.

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