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RR Donnelley Philippines

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RR Donnelley is an international provider of integrated communication solution developing custom communications solutions that optimize costs, drive growth and profitability and ensure compliance to thousands of customers and businesses around the world. RR Donnelley Philippines uses a range of proprietary and commercial technologies as well as a collection of primary Internet based resources and applications to deliver digital, print, logistics supply chain and industry business process outsourcing services.

The company pioneered in offering judgment-dependent outsourcing, which entails leveraging profound industry and outsourcing expertise to provide high end decisive services that result to leaping economic and operational performance for a wide variety of organizations from professional firms, research and science organizations to financial institutions. RR Donnelley Philippines maintains a management team with a proven record of establishing enduring partnerships to renovate businesses. Constituted of professionals with years of indepth industry-specific experience, RR Donnelley has a definite understanding of the unique challenges of every business and keen ability to develop tailor fit solutions that meet specific requirements of individual clients.

RR Donnelley Philippines controls its onsite, onshore and offshore resources to devise, maneuver and direct huge vital programs to many of the globe’s most prestigious Corporations, Consultancies firms, Financial institutions, Insurance companies, professional law firms and life sciences. RR Donnelley Philippines creates cross-functional teams that synergize its team with the clients’ complete and cultural atmosphere for a unified institution of its support services into an organizations extant operating platform. This allows the company and its client to act and operate like a single unit. RR Donnelley Philippines uses this model for the implementation of its judgment dependent services that are categorized into four areas namely, Creative Communications (this included web development), Financial Management, Legal Services and Research & Analytics. An integrated communications solutions in turn allows a comprehensive management of all information within and without the company for a more effective decision making and policy making.

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