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Sabre International Philippines

SABRE stands for Semi-Automated Business Research Environment. Sabre International main office is place at Southlake, Texas USA. They have roughly 10,000 employees worldwide. Countries around the world like United States, Argentina, India, Philippines, Poland and Uruguay are the major development and customer care centers that services the SABRE International. Being the top employer and corporate citizen, it is privately owned by TPG and Silver Lake partners. Sabre International Philippines maintains its quality services around the globe.

Sabre International Philippines main service is global travel technology. It gives services to the world’s largest industry which is the travel and tourism. Travel and tourism is in demand for the country that is open for tourism. Countries that are into tourism are the most places that need this kind of services. Travel and tourism is important for the country to be discovered and Sabre International Philippines is more than a help for the clients to support this company.

Founder of the SABRE International Philippines can be credited to C.R Smith the now president of American Airlines and Blair Smith a senior sales representative for the IBM. They met in a flight in the year 1953 and had a conversation regarding the so called SABRE International. Their talk about the travel Industry gives an idea for both of them to create and put a business regarding travel and tourism. After the conversation of the big businessman, the project became feasible. IBM and American Airlines joint their forces on this big project and soon it became a success.

The Company provides software services to travel agencies, corporations, for the travelers, airlines, different five star hotels, car, rails, and cruise and tour operator companies. They have four businesses these are the SABRE Travel Network, SABRE Airline Solutions, the SABRE Hospitality Solutions and the Travelocity. By means of giving the best quality services the company provides, Sabre International Philippines makes the business an easier one. Because of these innovative technologies, they provide easy access to different places is not impossible.

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