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Safeway Philtech

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Safeway Philtech Inc. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Safeway Inc, one of the largest supermarket food and drug retailers in North America that operates over 1,800 stores in Western, Southwestern, Rocky Mountain, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States and in Western Canada. Safeway Philtech functions as a technology support Center that provides application and infrastructure support and software development based on specifications from Safeway’s internal IT department. Safeway Philtech Philippines provides technical support to the Safeway’s extensive network of distribution, manufacturing and food processing facilities.

Safeway Philtech was founded in 2003 on the principle that quality service is at the core of how Safeway do business. As a vital technology center of Safeway, it provides essential enterprise-enabling solution which covers all aspects of Safeway operations including Retail, Supply Chain, Merchandising, Administration, Human Resources, Accounting, and Marketing. Moreover, Safeway Philippines also helps ensure secure, intelligent infrastructure and application solutions for managing and maintaining mission-critical information across the retail enterprise to help Safeway stay competitive in the marketplace, optimize their operations by streamlining processes and increasing productivity and create first-class shopping experience by improving customer loyalty and boosting profits.

Safeway Philtech commits itself to building not only business solutions but also career options for its people by offering career opportunities at every level that permits individual to explore new technologies and obtain experience in variety of applications. It continuously provides its employees opportunities and training and explore their options and map out their own paths for success.

Safeway Philtech Philippines call center office location:

  • Safeway PhilTech Taguig
    15/F Two World Square
    Upper McKinley Hill
    The Fort, Taguig City

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