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Saffron BPO

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Saffron BPO or Saffron Global is an international call center company which is a subsidiary of Triton Corp Limited, a company engaged in providing information technology (IT) and IT enabled services primarily in India. Its parent company is Tulip UK which is based in London and is affiliated to Maple which is based in Noida.

Saffron is a large company that specializes in Telemarketing and sales services especially catering European markets. It provides contact center solutions for technical support, customer service, Customer Response Lines via Web , Satisfaction Survey, market research, leads generation and appointment setting, customer acquisition and retention, upselling and cross selling, database building & Cleansing for business to business and business to customers transactions. Saffron BPO also offered seat leasing services especially targeting new opened or start up call center companies that will cater UK, US, AUS & Canadian markets. The company believes in giving a hand by establishing long term relationship with every client whether SME, LME, Small or Large sourcing companies.

Now a defunct company, Saffron BPO became popular in the international call center industry reaching as far as the Philippines for its haunted story. Accordingly, the company unknowingly employed a ghost in their roster. Rumours also say that the office of Saffron was situated in a former cemetery. The ghost stories remain a mystery. Even former employees of Saffron confirmed the rumours but where themselves unfamiliar with the truth of the story. Some personnel claim that the haunted story was made up to cover up with the mismanagement of the company which was consummated with the bankruptcy of Mr. Viren Rastogi Rastogi, CEO and owner of the Saffron in 2005 amid allegations of fraud.

Saffron BPO which is now non existent was formerly located at Trident, 443, Phase 5, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, India.

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