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Sales Rain BPO

Sales Rain BPO provides other outsourcing services and methods to help companies reach their objectives and attain success. First of, Sales Rain Philippines provides outbound services such as aggressive telemarketing and sales, lead generation, appointment setting and other outbound campaigns (i.e. collections) to target market, which is the primary key to generating profits.

Telemarketing is the most challenging yet one of the strongest competences of Sales Rain BPO. Sales Rain Philippines offers inbound services such as order taking, and customer support for organizing conventions and conferences, and events management. Sales Rain BPO provides live and dedicated Virtual Assistants which allows leaders and business professionals to allocate time consuming administrative works and devote their time in their core duties. Finally, Sales Rain also provides Call Center Seats Leasing Services.

Quality is at the core of Sales Rain’s services. Sales Rain Philippines is composed of professionals who are naturally warm, polite and hospitable. To allow its partners to effectively optimize their costs, Sales Rain provides the most competitive prices for its services because it has its own facilities.

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