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Sample Conversation in Call Center

The conversation in a call center is precisely the service provided of a contact center. Depending on the nature of the call or service, these conversations can vary greatly in terms of content and approach. Hereunder are samples of typical conversations for an inbound, outbound, and directory assistance service.

Inbound Call

Agent: Thank you for calling ABC Company. My name is Ashley. How may I help you today?
Customer: I am calling because I received a wrong bill. I just paid my phone bill two days ago and my payment is not reflected in the bill.
Agent: Sorry for the inconvenience madam. May I have your Account Number, please,
Customer: 5340036548
Agent: For verification purposes mam, Can I get your name and birth date?
Customer: Maegan Simpson, July 23, 1974 and the account is under my name.
Agent: Thank you for that information mam. Per our system’s data, you did pay your bill last Aug. 12 which was two days ago in one of our affiliated payment centers and you currently have 0 balance. However, the bill that you received was generated a week before you made the payment that’s why your latest payment had not been reflected. You can simply disregard the amount indicated in the bill and continue enjoying our services.
Customer: Thank you.
Agent: Delays in the bill is usually caused by delays in our courier services. For a more up dated bill of your account, you can visit our website and log in to your account. This bill is more updated.
Customer: Ok I will.
Agent: Will there be anything else that you need madam?
Customer: No thanks
Agent: Thank you for calling. We are glad to assist you.
Customer: Ok bye.

Outbound Call
Agent: “Hello! My name is Victoria Washington and I’m calling for GI products International. May I please talk to Michelle Shaw?
Customer: This is Michelle speaking.
Agent: Oh hi mam! How would you like me to address you? Ms. Shaw or by your first name?
Customer: Call me Mitch.
Agent: OK Madam Mitch. The reason why I’m calling is to introduce to the new a book of Clarence Knight, entitled “The Wisdom”. This is the sequel to his last two books, The Enlightenment” and “The Ignorance”. It will be the third in the series of his collection. Clarence Knight will be visiting your town this August 13 for a book launch. The new book would be on sale in the Dinkham’s books store for the launch. I would like to invite you to come so that you can personally meet him and have your book signed.
Customer: Oh that will be great. I have been waiting for the book. When and where will he be coming?
Agent: The book launch will be on August 13 at Dinkham’s bookstore at 10:30 AM
Customer: Ok ill be there.
Agent: Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you there.
Customer: Ok, bye..

Directory Assistance
Customer: Hello operator may I know the number of Mr. John Johnson of Bellford Street?
Agent: Ok sir, would you mind holding for a few seconds while I research the information you’ve requested.

Customer: OK
Agent: Thank you for holding sir. The number for Mr. John Johnson of Bellford St. is 7543658654

Customer: Thanks.. Let me write it down can you say that again.
Agent: 7, 5, 4, 3, 6, 5, 8, 6, 5, 4
Customer: Thanks a lot.
Agent: is there anything else I can help you with.

Customer: No. That’s it. Thanks again.
Agent: You’re most welcome sir. We’re glad to be off help. Have a nice day.

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