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Sample Spiels for Education Plan

Spiels are especially important for telemarketing outbound calls. An effective opening spiel will make or break the start of a conversation with a prospective client. While there are generic spiels that one can use in introducing oneself, preparing spiels for a particular product entails certain innovativeness and creativity to make the product interesting. Here are some sample spiels for selling an educational plan:

  • It’s every parents dream to see their children attain their fullest potential. And for our children to reach this, it starts with a good foundation – a good education.
  • Save for your child’s education to help your child be the best that he can be.
  • Education is the most important legacy we can give our children. Let us ensure this legacy by investing on an educational plan.
  • Saving for your child’s education is one of the best ways to ensure his or her future.
  • If you want to give your child the tools to succeed in life, you should ensure that he gets the best education.
  • Saving for education today is guaranteeing for the future of your child.
  • Everything begins with a good education that is why investing on it is a matter of necessity.
  • Sending your children to school is a challenging task which become even more challenging each year.

Aside from the opening spiel, the script should also include a quick and brief intro of the advantages of an educational plan including Flexible payment terms, additional protection, transferability and other related benefits.

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