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Sample Spiels for Travel Booking Account

Spiels or the memorized speech of customer service agents to initiate or facilitate a conversation and persuade customers in a Travel Booking Account involves talks for booking travels for tours, making reservations for the accommodation requirements of the tourists and other travel related needs. Following are examples of spiels of a CSR working for a travel account.

A typical spiel for greeting customers is as follows:
“Thank you for calling “X company”. This is Steve. How may I help you?”

In booking a flight, for instance, a travel agent needs to ask specific questions about the flight like including the name of the customer and flight destination. In line with this agent can help customer reduce air fare by suggesting of weekdays promo such as a follows:
“Sir/ma’am, would you like to avail of a weekdays promo which reduces air fare cost by as much as 50%.”

In booking a travel, it is important for a CSR to listen attentively to ensure that that the information provided by customer is correct. One spiel to ensure that information received is correct is by repeating what the customer said as follows:
“Ok. If I understand you correctly sir/ ma’am, you want to book a trip for two to Spain on March 3 to 7 etc.”

The script above allows agent to indirectly verify information or message communicated by customers. This is also used to recap information agreed upon during the conversation.

Agents however also help guide customers by recommending promo tours or travel products that are available which could otherwise help customers achieve value and save time. In line with this, a travel agent can simply say as follows:
“Sir/ madam, may I recommend to you the promo package to Spain which would include travel fare, accommodation and a choice of tours across the country. This will help you find a good deal for your vacation.”

This script which would apparently differ essentially allows travel agent to provide customer with a number of options they could enjoy not only by booking a trip but building the trip per se. In which case, the agent acts as a link to local tour guides, which will help traveller optimize their time in enjoying their trip and vacation instead of spending time finding places or looking for directions because one gets lost.

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