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Sample Spiels when Booking a Flight

Spiels commonly refer to a memorized speech by customer service agents, which they deliver to start a conversation, greet clients and persuade customers. Spiels are usually associated with sales people who often recite a glib talk aimed at introducing or promoting a product and essentially convincing a client to purchase or avail of the product or service. Thus, spiels vary according to the products offered by a customer agent, the needs and approaches to the customers as well as the innate abilities or the customer representative

Spiels typically included the basic greeting to customers. This is followed by an introduction by the agent and the company he or she represents. For instance, “Thank you for calling “Smarter Communications”. This is Joy. How may I help you? Spiels should also reflect the agent’s active listening skills by including phrases that impresses to customer that the company carefully and attentively listens that the needs of the client. For instance, one can include phrases like “If I understand you correctly… and “what you are telling me is…”.

Such script allow agent to indirectly verify information or message communicated by customers. Finally, spiels are also used for giving a recap of one’s conversation and action agreed upon during the conversation. Agents further use spiels to query for other services that the customer may need. For instance, “Mr. Jones, we will reactive your account within 24 hours. Is there anything else I can help you with? Thank you for calling Smarter Communications. Goodbye.”

As previously mentioned, spiels can be modified to suit the products or services offered by the company. In travel Call Center Company, one can use the generic spiel for greeting customers and asking how one can be of service. In booking a flight, a customer agent needs to ask specific questions about the flight like including the name of the customer and flight destination. Agent then tells customer about available schedules.

Once schedule is provided, agent can continue by giving promotional items that can help customer reduce his flight cost. For instance, agent can say, “sir/ mam, would you like to avail of our weekdays promo when the cost of ticket can be reduced by as much as 35%.” Other discounts can be availed such as age, occupation and other circumstances. In some instances, the agent can also ask what booking service does the client specifically needs. Is it a change of flight schedule, passenger name, or a confirmation. In any case, what is important is that the spiel used by agent clearly reviews or repeats the new schedule, or confirmed schedule of the client.

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