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Savvy Sherpa Asia

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Savvy Sherpa Asia is a subsidiary of Savvysherpa, Inc., a business process outsourcing firm founded in 2001 which specializes in data science and innovative research. The company essentially provides partner companies with data-driven programs and data products. Savvy Sherpa specializes in Data Science, Retail, Data Product Development, Pilot and Experiment Design, Health Care; Health Insurance, Consumer Behavior.

Savvy Sherpa is essentially engage in Data science which is the scientific treatment, analysis, manipulation and use of raw data (Financial and Transactional Data, Behavioral Data, network data and Sensor and Tracker Data) to come up with useful information for business decision making. This is a multi-faceted process that involves the process of conditioning (cleaning up and organizing data), comprehending (establishing data relationships), combining multiple datasets (making sense of interconnected database), gathering new data through sensors, tools and experimentation, making inquiries for targeted drilling, distinguishing statistical trends from random variation and building solutions. The data can be used for Reporting and Analysis, Predictive Modeling and Data Products for Rigorous analysis, Data-driven decisions, Innovation and risk tolerance, Peer review and rigorous debate, Collaboration and Intellectual Integrity.

In a data driven business world, Savvy Sherpa helps companies succeed. Whereas information is power, using that information to your advantage, to understand deeper more profound insights, to drive business towards success entails deeper analysis in which Savvy Sherpa thrives.

Savvy Sherpa Asia call center office location:

  • Savvy Sherpa Cebu
    Consulate of Norway & Denmark
    9th Flr. Keppel Centre,
    Cebu Business Park Cebu City

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