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SBCPH, Inc is one of the preeminent companies in the BPO industry. Providing a myriad of services to its clients, SBCPH Philippines has jump-started several start-up businesses while playing a key part in its success. With support for IT, Inbound Channel Solutions and Customer Service, SBCPH Philippines will provide a helping hand in dealing with the intricacies of every business to expedite the success of its clients in its respective industries.

With a team that’s comprised of individuals who spent years of training to hone their craft, the support provided by Star Business Centers PH will be dealt with extreme expertise. The company’s employees are nurtured by their experience in their respective fields. Our agents will make sure that no shortcuts will be taken and that the services they’ll provide will be according to the company’s standard of excellence.

Through our hacker for hire system, SBCPH Philippines will provide support and solutions for your website’s scripts in web development, app development on Android, game frameworks, and cyber safety to protect your data against unauthorized users.

SBCPH also boasts of an engineering team that delivers a more strategic approach to customer support. The company’s team of engineers is capable of providing support for certain procedures like Accounting Software, Billing Management System, and Business Informatics.

Customer Support is also provided by SBCPH Philippines. Through the tedious training our agents went through, they are well-prepared and well-suited to take on your calls and provide Technical Support, Outbound Support, Sales and Billing for customers through various channels like chat, email, and Social Media.

Providing various solutions across multiple platforms, SBCPH will provide a diversified approach to its clients’ needs. Teeming with experts from various fields, SBCPH will deliver the quality of service you deserve. There will be no issue that’s too complex for SBCPH Philippines’ team; they will always find a way to find a solution to cater to your needs.

Star Business Centers PH main office location:

    901 Campus Drive
    Suite 210, Daly City
    California, United States

SBCPH Philippines call center office address:

  • SBCPH Makati
    916 Arnaiz Avenue
    Suite 301
    Makati City, Philippines

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